Dr. Norma Doft

Dr. Doft is a child psychologist.  To find out more about her, read her Biography Page.

If your child has a range of difficulties in the interpersonal world this is one of Dr. Doft's specialties.  They may occur with peers or family.  See Services for Children section. If parenting your child is a challenging and often frustrating job, this is Dr. Doft's other primary area of professional interest.  See Parent Training.

Work is done through peer groups of 2-5 children, depending on treatment goals. Some children are seen individually.  Small parent training groups are held 3 times a year.  Many parents prefer individual sessions.

To find out quickly what treatment might be like for you or your child go directly to the section titled  Stories about 2 children written entirely by their mothers and Colleagues Comments which also describes what to expect from working with Dr. Doft.

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